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Welcome to this part of my site featuring pictures from my walks around The Western parts of The Yorkshire Dales. The pictures in the order of 1 to 12 where taken from my visit of Horton In Ribblesdale, During Summer 2005 and feature the village with some snapshots of my walk up to the summit of Pen-y-Ghent, One of Yorkshire's highest peaks. Pictures in the order of 13 to 19 are from a Autumn visit of Ribblesdale and feature the Market town of Settle and surrounding villages. Settle is also the home of the famous Settle To Carlisle Railway, The line that refused to die as it is nicknamed, Because over the years of its life it has been under constant fret of closure due to the cost of keeping it in constant maintenance. As you can see, The pictures in the order of 20 to 27 were taken during Summer 2006 and feature pictures from a visit of Ribblehead, A very well known beauty and picnic spot of the Dales, As you can see in the 21st picture, The long arched viaduct attracts railway enthusiasts and visitors from all over the country. This viaduct and section of the line always needs the most constant maintenance, As it gets a good battering of the weather during the Winter Months, Due to High exposure.           

Horton In Ribblesdale. This is at the train station, on the Northbound side of the Platform and taken during Summer 2005.

Horton In Ribblesdale. This is at the railway station, looking in the East direction towards Pen-y-Ghent.

Horton In Ribblesdale. This Scene is looking down into the main village centre, as you approach from the direction of the Railway Station.

Horton In Ribblesdale. This is in the village centre, looking over the pack horse bridge towards The Crown Inn, Highly recommended Pub.

Horton In Ribblesdale. This is the information board, located on the wall of the famous village cafe, where you clock in, for the Three Peaks Walk.

Pen-y-ghent. Taken on The Pennine Way, on my approach up to this Sumit, from Horton In Ribblesdale

Pen-y-ghent. Taken as I was approaching the top of this Fell, during the Summer of 2005 and is one of my best pictures of the Dales Limestone scenery.

Pen-y-ghent. This is at the top of this Sumit, looking North across towards Horton Moor.

Pen-y-ghent. This is at the Southern end of this Sumit, near Churn Milk Hole. This is a ideal resting and gathering spot, after a long climb.

The Pennine Way. This section is near Horton Scar and was taken on my walk up to the Sumit of Pen-y-ghent, during Summer 2005.

The Pennine Way. Taken on my approach back to Horton In Ribblesdale and this is looking in the West direction towards Ingleborough Common.

Horton In Ribblesdale. This is at the Southern side of the village, looking from the car park of The Golden Lion Inn towards Pen-y-Gent.

Stainforth. Pleasent little Yorkshire Dales village, situated in the Ribble Valley, about 2 miles North of Settle and also has a Youth Hostal.

Like Malham and Wharfedale, This is ture Limestone Country and this scene is looking North of The Ribble Valley towards Langcliffe and Stainforth.

Langcliffe. Piecefull village, Situated about 1 mile North of Settle. This is in the Village Centre, looking West towards its greystone Cottages.

Warrendale Knotts. Taken on a Footpath walk, between Langcliffe and Settle during the Autumn of 2005.

Settle. Pleasent Market Town and main tourist centre, for exploring the Western Dales. This scene is looking into the Market Place.

Settle. This is looking North into the main centre and as you can see, the traffic problem is a thing of the past, since the A65 bypass was built.

Settle. This is looking down High Street, at the Southern end of the town and was taken during Autumn 2005.

Ribblehead. This is looking North, Over towards The Station Inn Public House with a left angled glimpse of the viaduct, overlooked by Whernside.

Ribblehead Viaduct. As you can see, This is very exposed site and as a result this Viaduct gets the worst treatment of severe weather during Winter.

Bleamoor. This is about a mile North of Ribblehead looking towards Bleamoor Signal Box, On the lines siding track, Known as The Craven Way.

Bleamoor Tunnel. This is looking North towards the entrance, and there are still site remains around hear that give evidence of early constuction work

Bleamoor. This is on The Craven Way, Looking North towards Force Gill Water Fall, At the foot of Whernside.

Ribblehead Viaduct. This is looking South, With a right angled view of this structure.

Ribblehead. This is looking down the road, Across from The Station Inn, Towards the Hamlet of Ribble Head.

Ribble Head Station. As you can see by the sign, It retains its Yorkshire Dales National Park, Logo.

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