Pictures Taken From My Walks And Visits Of Malhamdale

Welcome to this part of my site, packed with pictures and articles regarding my visits of Malhamdale, taken during the summer of 2004. It is the most busiest centres of the Yorkshire Dales as a result of being situated on the Pennine Way and its true Limestone scenery makes it obvious. It is best visited during early week days, as it is much more quieter and the attractions of Malham Cove are defiantly not to be missed, possibly followed by visiting the nearby attractions of Malham Tarn Lake and not forgetting a walk around Goredale Scar.    

Airton. The Airedale Valley, which relates to the name of this village, becomes Malhamdale, not far from this part of the Dales.

Airton. This view of The Village Green brings back child hood memories of my trips from School, during my teens in the 1970s

Airton. This is looking North of the village, on the road towards Malham, with views of the moors in the background

Malhamdale. Taken while walking the part of The Pennine Way, between Kirby Malham and Malham Village.

Malham Village. This is looking into the village as you approach, in the South direction from Kirby Malham.

Malham Village. This is looking towards the village centre, with a view of the narrow pack horse bridge and the original Post Office and Shop.

Malham Village. This is the Village Green, looking towards The Listers Arms Public House and is my regular evening drinking place, during my visits.

Jannets Foss, Situated on The Footpath Walk between Malham and Goredale Scar and is a series of Water Falls, in a beautiful wooded Gorge.

Goredale Scar, near Malham. Taken at Jannets Foss in the Summer of 2004, while on a days walk.

Goredale Scar. My best picture, I think I have taken of the entire Yorkshire Dales, up to this day of designing my website.

Goredale Scar. This is a magnificently cut limestone gorge, dating Centuries into the Ice Age.

Malhamdale. This is looking back towards Goredale Scar, with a clear view of The Limestone Moorland and was taken on a walk to Malham Cove.

Malhamdale. This is near the top of Malham Cove and is the footpath walk to Malham Tarn

Malham Cove. Situated on The Pennine Way, near Malham Village and is the most visited tourist attraction of The Yorkshire Dales.

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