Pictures Taken Of My Home Town Of Harrogate

Welcome to this part of the site featuring a collection of photographs and articles about Harrogate. Formerly, Harrogate was known a Spa town and inland holiday resort until the new development of the conference centre during the early 1980s. It is just at the doorstep of lower Nidderdale and many of its springs and wells feed the River Nidd believe it or not. Like a lot of England towns, Harrogate has become a victim of new development and has lost some its town centre character due to this. In 1985 Its famous arcade was sadly gutted by fire and the old market hall which was badly in need of urgent repair, was replaced with the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre. Harrogate is best visited during the early part of the week and as there is so much to see, I would extend a visit to a week if you wish to explore Nidderdale and other nearby tourist attractions, such as Knaresborough and Mother Shipton's Cave. The best parts of Harrogate I recommend are the Valley Gardens, famous for the spring annual Flower Show and not forgetting a walk of the 250 Acre Stray, with its lovely parks and playing areas.    

Harrogate. Looking towards The Pump Rooms, one of Harrogates historic buildings. Situated at the bottom of Valley Drive, near the Valley Gardens

Harrogate. This building formely known as the Royal Baths has recently been converted into a Public House, to save being on the demolition list.

Harrogate. This view is looking towards The Crown Hotel and Pump Rooms museum, and was taken in Montpellier Street

Harrogate. This is looking into Montpellier Square with the building on the left, being one of Harrogates surviving Pubs, but is now a eating house

Harrogate. This view is looking up Montpellier Hill towards the town centre, and as you can see this was taken at Christmas time.

Harrogate. This is the Pavilion Cafe situated in The Valley Gardens, and as you can see this was taken on a Summer day in 2003.

Harrogate. This is in the Valley Gardens, Looking towards The Sun Pavilion with a view of Studley Hotel.

Harrogate. This is in The Valley Gardens with its colourful Summer display of flowers at its best, and was taken in the Summer of 2003.

Harrogate. This is looking into Cambridge Street, with views towards the right of St Peters Church and the Cenotaph towards the left.

Harrogate. This is looking towards the town from The Stray, and as you can see the crocuses are just in there early stages.

Harrogate. This is looking towards Christ Church, and was taken on The Stray in Febuary 2004.

Harrogate. This is looking towards Tewit Well, on the west park end of The Stray towards Leeds Road and was taken Febuary 2004.

The return of steam on the Harrogate branch line. This is The Scarborough Express, Taken at Bilton during summer 2007.

The Scarborough Express. Taken at the old Iron Bridge site near Woodfield School during summer 2007

Crimple Viaduct. Situated south of Harrogate which carries the Main Leeds Line. This scene is the Scarborough Spa Express heading towards Harrogate.

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