My Walk Over Higher Nidderdale Featuring Scar House Reservoir And Wharfedale

Welcome to this part of my website, featuring pictures from one of my longest walks of the Yorkshire Dales. Although I originally started this walk from Pateley Bridge, these pictures start from the west end of Gouthwaite Reservoir, taking in Lofthouse and Scar House Reservoir. From Scar House Reservoir, you leave The Nidderdale Way onto high moorland towards Great Whernside, where you get some lovely views, looking back towards Nidderdale. The walk over the high moorland I must warn, should only be tackled by fit experienced walkers, as there are peat bogs and navigation of the footpaths requires a map, compass and plenty of time. The first part of this walk ends in the lovely Wharfedale village of Kettlewell, where I stayed at the Youth Hostel for the night and strangely this is my second stay in 17 years at this Hostel, since my cycling days. The walk from Kettlewell is very easy, following up the River Wharfe, through the lovely village of Starbotton and finishing at Buckden.         

Nidderdale. This scene is at the West end of Gouthwaite Reservoir, looking towards Ramsgill, with lovely views of the surrounding hillsides.

Lofthouse. One of Nidderdale's loveliest villages and is the gateway to the most remote parts of the Dale.

Nidderdale. This scene is on The Nidderdale Way, about 1 mile, North of Lofthouse, known as Thorpe Lane and was taken on my walk over to Kettlewell.

Nidderdale. This is at Low Woodale, near Scar House Reservoir and is looking back, in the East Direction of the Dale.

Scar House Reservoir. This is looking in the East Direction, towards The Weirs and Scar Plantation, with Woodale Scar, in the background.

Scar House Reservoir. This is looking back from High Pasture, on the Moorland track that leads over Hem Gill Shaw, into Wharfedale.

Angram Reservoir. Taken while walking the high moorland track over to Kettlewell and is not far from the initail start of The River Nidd.

This scene is looking SE towards Whernside, not far from the Moorland road into Coverdale and was taken on the last lap of the walk into Kettlewell

Kettlewell. This is in the village centre, looking towards The Kings Head, Public House and the church.

Kettlewell. This is looking West of the village towards the stream and The Race Horses, Public House and was taken during Summer 2004.

Wharfedale. This is looking over the West bank of the Wharfe, towards Starbotton and was taken during the Summer of 2005.

Starbotton. One of Wharfedales most lovely villages and this scene is looking towards The Fox And Hounds, Public house and the lovely hillside view.

Buckden. Another busy Wharfedale village and is not far from where you come to the initial end and most remote part of this Dale.

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