Pictures Taken From My Walks And Visits Of Wensleydale

Welcome to this part of my site featuring pictures from my visits of Wensleydale. It is my second favourite of all The Yorkshire Dales and where I had my first Youth Hostelling experience in the 1980s, When I used to cycle tour around this part of the dales regularly. The pictures in the order of 1 to 9 feature the market town of Hawes and the adjoining village of Gayle, With its lovely Beck. Hawes is the Capital Town of Upper Wensleydale and is still the home of the famous Wensleydale Cheese Factory. It is also situated on the Pennine Way and is very popular with walkers. Pictures in the order of 10 to 11 feature my visit of Hardraw Force Water Fall and is claimed to be the highest single fall in England, A height of about 30 metres and entrance is through The Green Dragon Pub, Situated in the village where you have to pay a small fee. Pictures in the order of 12 to 15 feature visits further down the dale to the lovely village of Bainbridge, With its tidy Village Green and was home of the foresters of Wensley during Norman times. Pictures in the order of 16 to 17 are from a walk I did from Bainbridge to Semerwater Lake. I think I can describe Semerwater as one of Yorkshires isolated mini Lake Districts and also claims to be the site of a submerged City dating back hundreds of years ago. Pictures in the order of 18 to 21 feature my visit to the small village town of Askrigg, Situated about 2 miles north east of Bainbridge and is another popular dales village, Famous for The James Herriot TV series, All creatures great and small. Pictures in the order of 22 to 24 feature Aysgarth village and is famous for its 3 waterfalls, situated in the middle part of the dale. Pictures in the order of 25 and 26 feature the charming village of Redmire, An old lead mining settlement and nearby Castle Bolton, built in the 14th century and despite becoming derelict it has for many years been restored as a restaurant. Pictures in the order of 27 and 28 are of special attention. They are highlights of the Wensleydale Railway pictured here at Redmire Station. As far as my knowledge is concerned, This line during the mid 60s became a fatal victim of closure like other railways of that same era and since then the line has only carried heavy freight traffic to Redmire quarry. However, The line has now been reopened to passengers between Leeming Bar and Redmire Station and there are plans to restore the whole line, But at the time of writing this would involve many years of hard work and would mean raising enough funds, As there is a lot of money involved. The service on this line does not run everyday of the year, So it is best to check the train times before travelling by visiting the following link Pictures in the order of 29 to 30 feature the village of Wensley, Which gave its name to the dale. It used to be a busy market town, But the plague of 1563 killed many inhabitants. Wensley is where the Dale starts to get low and becomes more of rolling hill country but there are still plenty of nice towns and villages. Picture 31 features the market town of Leyburn, The largest town in the dale and has some fine Georgian buildings and is a good touring place for exploring lower Wensleydale. Pictures in the order of 32 to 33 feature the historic village of Middleham with its two linked market squares and its Castle Ruins dating from 1170. Middleham itself is a very pleasant place and there are some lovely walks and it also lies at the foot of Coverdale. Pictures in the order of 34 to 35 feature the Lower Wensleydale Village of Masham. It used to be my first refreshment place, When I used to cycle tour and despite its small size, It has always been well served with Pubs Cafes, Shops and Hotels. It is also the home of Theakston's Brewery. Pictures in the order of 36 and 37 feature the attractive riverside village of West Tanfield, A popular picture postcard village and The Marmion Tower is a reminder of the Marmion Family who first arrived here in 1215. Picture 38 features the historic Cathedral City of Ripon and has been included because it lies at the entrance of Wensleydale. More information and pictures of this city can be found by clicking the following link  Pictures Taken From My Visit To Ripon. The Cathedral City Of The Dales                                   

Gayle. Lovely Wensleydale village and this scene is in the east end of the village looking towards Gayle Beck. Taken during the summer of 2007.

Gayle. This is looking in the northeast direction, towards the market town of Hawes and was taken just at sunset during the summer of 2007.

Gayle. This is another picture of this village looking in the north east direction towards Hawes, with a view of its narrow packhorse bridge.

Hawes. The Capital town of Upper Wensleydale and is still the home of Wensleydale Cheese. This was taken at sunset during summer 2007.

Hawes. This scene is as you approach Gayle village from the direction of Hawes and was taken just before sunset during my summer visit of 2007.

Hawes. This scene is at top end of the town, known as Town Head and is looking over in the north direction towards, High Abbotside Common.

Hawes. This is a busy summer morning scene of this town and as you can see it is a very busy tourist centre, for the higher Dales.

Hawes. This is one of the loveliest walks of the Pennine way into this town as you approach from Gayle.

Hawes. This is the old railway station, now a museum and there are plans to restore this part of the old railway.

Hardraw Force Waterfall. Claimed to be England's highest single fall. Taken during my summer visit of 2007.

Hardraw Village. This is looking torwards the north end of the village and The Green Dragon Inn is where you enter Hardraw Force.

Bainbridge. The loveliest village of Upper Wensleydale. still has blowing of forest horn, from Hawes back-end Fair, 28th September to Pancake Tuesday.

Bainbridge. This is looking north towards its tidy Village Green, With a view of The Ross And Crown Public House in the background.

Bainbridge. One of my best picture views of this village and this scene is looking north, over the village where the River Bain meets the Ure.

Bainbridge. This is my second best picture of this Dales scenery and was taken on the footpath walk, over to Semerwater.

Semerwater. This is looking south west towards this distant lake and was taken from Braken Hill, on my walk from Bainbridge.

Semerwater. This scene is looking southwest torwards the lake from Semerwater Bridge and claimed to be England's shortest River, known as Raydale.

Askrigg. The second biggest village of Upper Wensleydale and famous for The James Herriot, TV Series, All Creatures Great And Small

Askrigg. This is looking north, up torwards the main high street of this village and was taken during the summer of 2007.

Askrigg. This is looking south east towards the Memorial, at the south end of the high street and was taken during summer 2007.

Askrigg. The village dates before Norman times and was once a market town, but lost its importance to Hawes.

Aysgarth. This scene is as you venture out of the west end of the village and is where you start to sence you are approacing Upper Wensleydale.

Aysgarth Village. This is in the village centre looking west towards the Village Green and was taken during summer 2007.

Aysgarth Falls. One of Wensleydales most visited tourist attractions and the nearby Yorkshire Museum of Horse Drawn Carriages is worth a visit.

Redmire. An old Lead Mining Settlement, Situated in Mid Wensleydale about 4 miles west of Leyburn and is now a pleasent village.

Castle Bolton. Situated about a mile northwest of Redmire and was built in the 14th Century by Richard Scrope. It now houses a Restaurant.

The Wensleydale Railway. Closed to passenger traffic during the 1960s. It has recently been reopened. This is at Redmire station

The Wensleydale Railway. This scene is at Redmire Station and like The North York Moors Railway it is a great tourist attraction of the Dales

Wensley. Village with the same name as the Dale and once was a market town until The plauge of 1563 killed many inhabitants of the village

Wensley. Situated about 1 mile southwest of Leyburn. This scene is looking east towards the Village Green and like Bainbridge it is very tidy.

Leyburn. The largest town in Lower Wensleydale and as James Herriot describes, It is situated at the Doorstep of the Dale, with great views.

Middleham. Pleasent village in Lower Wensleydale and good starting point for exploring Coverdale. It is also a famous Race Horse training centre

Middleham Castle. Dating back to 1170. Also the favourite residence of King Richard 111. Taken during the summer of 2007.

Masham. Situated in Lower Wensleydale, about 10 miles northwest of Ripon and used to be my first refreshment stop during my cycling days.

Masham. Situated in Lower Wensleydale and this scene is in the village centre looking towards The Memorial and The Cafe I used in my cycling days

West Tanfield. Situated in Lower Wensleydale 5 miles northwest of Ripon and this pleasent Riverside view is a picture postcard favourite.

West Tanfield. This is looking towards the eastside of this village, with a good view of its Fine, arched bridge and was taken during summer 2007.

Ripon. Small Historic Cathedral City, Situated at the head of Wensleydale and is the gateway to The Northern Dales. Taken during winter 2004.

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