Nidderdale During The Christmas Season

Welcome to this special page on this site regarding my visits of Nidderdale. As you all know Christmas only comes ones a year, And I thought it would be nice to feature some photographs of my various visits of its most popular tourist towns and villages with displays of Christmas. The first four pictures open up this site with my winter visit of Pateley Bridge and as you may notice, With its colourful Christmas displays the place looks very sleepy as if time has stood still, Compared to the pictures of my previous visits during the Summer. My evening visit of Knaresborough on a Tuesday was timed just right. As you can see on the pictures that follow my day time visit of Pateley Bridge earlier in the week before. The pictures of Knaresborough open up with a sunset view of its historic Castle, Following a visit around The Market Place with all its colourful displays. On my walk back home to Bilton I managed to get some spectacular views of the Waterside, Which you can see in the twelve and thirteenth pictures. My visit of Harrogate in the third week, Starting from the fourteenth picture features views of some of the best parts of the town, Such as  displays of  the Stray area around Cold Bath Road and Montpellier Hill. Working my up towards the town centre I managed to get some views of the Cenotaph, Rounding off my visit with some pictures of the James Street shopping complex. The 21st picture as you can see is a display of Starbeck, An urban part of Harrogate situated on the outskirts of the town on the main road to Knaresborough. Starbeck is a mixture of bit of old and new and has over about the last six decades seen a lot of changes, such as constant housing and industrial development. The old Spa Baths to this day are still in use, But are constantly under fret of  closure due to funds to keep the place maintained, A sorry state of today's old Victorian buildings of Harrogate. I also managed to pay a visit to Ripon on the Friday, A week before Christmas Eve. Starting from the 22nd picture is a view of Kirkgate, then touring my way around this historic City I managed to get a glimpse of the Cathedral with a colourful view of Kirkgate. I then worked my way up towards the market place and got some more colourful displays of the town, Before catching the bus home. The following Tuesday, The shortest day of the year in the week up to Christmas, I managed to visit Ripley, A model historic village situated about 4 miles North of Harrogate on the A61 road towards Ripon. Please also take time to visit my other related web page, by clicking the following link Pictures From My Tours And Travels Around Yorkshire            

Pateley Bridge. This scene is looking down the high street and was taken during Christmas 2004

Pateley Bridge. This is looking up towards the high street and almost gearing up for the busy Christmas Season.

Pateley Bridge. This is looking up the high street, with it's colourful display of shops and was taken during Christmas 2004.

Pateley Bridge. This is looking down the high street and was taken near Christmas, in December 2004.

Knaresborough Castle. Taken at Sunset in December 2004

Knaresborough. Looking over towards the Mothershipton viaduct and taken at sunset in December 2004

Knaresborough. This scene is in Castlegate and was taken on a clear evening in December 2004

Knaresborough. This view is the Market Place, packed with the lovely Christmas display and spirit of Christmas. Taken in December 2004

Knaresborough. This is another nice Christmas display of the Market Place, and was taken in December 2004.

Knaresborough. This view is looking into The Market Place, towards Kirkgate and was taken in December 2004.

Knaresborough. This is Castlegate, looking into the Market Place and I think this is one of my best pictures I have taken of Christmas displays.

Knaresborough. This scene is waterside, near the viaduct and the thatched cottage evening glow makes Knaresborough more Like a Cotswold Town.

Knaresborough. This is Looking towards the Worlds End Pub on the main road, towards The Nidd Bridge and was taken in December 2004.

Harrogate. Looking up towards Montpellier Hill, with its colourfull Christmas night time display. Taken in December 2004

Harrogate. This scene is the Crown Hotel, situated at the bottom of Cold Bath Road, Near The Pump Rooms and The Valley Gardens.

Harrogate. This is a more closer view of Montpellier Hill, with its displays and I think my best picture of Harrogate at night time.

Harrogate. This view is looking into Montpellier Street, and was taken in December 2004.

Harrogate. Another one of my favoruite, colourfull displays looking towards the Cenotaph with the tower of St Peters Church in the background.

Harrogate. This is James Street with the view branching off towards the Cenotaph, and this street I am pleased to say as not changed much.

Harrogate. This is another scene of James Street, looking towards Station Bridge and Victoria Gardens.

Starbeck. Situated on the outskirts of Harrogate, on the road to Knaresborough. This view was taken at the junction of Bogs Lane and Forest Lane.

Ripon. This view is looking into Kirkgate, with its Christmas decorative colour from Minster Road.

Ripon. This is a winter evening scene of Kirkgate at Christmas time, looking towards the minster.

Ripon. This is the West end of Kirkgate, looking towards the town centre into Westgate.

Ripon. This is a festive scene of Westgate, on a busy Friday afternoon, A week before Christmas.

Ripon. This is a view of the Market Place Looking towards Westgate, and was taken a week before Christmas in December 2004.

Ripon. Another market place view of the City, looking towards Fishergate.

Ripley. Estate Village, Situated 4 miles north of Harrogate on the A61 Road to Ripon. Taken at dusk on the shortest day of 2004, towards Christmas.

Ripely. This is looking towards the village centre, with its view of the church and historic castle, and is the home of the Ingleby Family.

Ripely. Another nice shot of the village centre. This view is looking towards the Boar's Head Public House on the right. Taken at Christmas time.

Pateley Bridge. As you can see, this is true Christmas scene with the snow covered hillside in the background and was taken December 2005.

Pateley Bridge. This is about half a mile West of the town, on the Banks of The Nidd, looking towards Heathfield Moor.

Pateley Bridge. This is looking North East across The Nidd, over Goose Green and as you can see the snow as almost melted.

The Nidd, near Pateley Bridge. This is looking over Goose Green and was taken during my Christmas visit of 2005.

Birstwith. This scene was taken from the top of a Double Decker bus during Christmas 2005

Hampsthwaite. Taken on my way back home, from a Christmas visit of Pateley Bridge during 2005.

The Gardeners Arms Pub. Situated in Bilton, on the north eastern side of Harrogate and only 15 minuites walk to the Lower Nidd Gorge. Taken 22.12.2010


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